An Argument Against Capital Punishment in the United States

An Argument Against Capital Punishment in the United States


Who Do We Believe We Are?

Capital Punishment may be the penalty of loss of life for a crime. The most typical criminals

who are executed are convicted murderers. What communication is that mailing? The usage of

capital punishment sends the concept that murder is ok, as long as it really is applied to the

right person. The request of capital punishment inside our society is hypocritical. It has no

place in the judicial system.

The way we handle the punishment of capital crimes is usually pathetic! There are various other

ways to punish criminals beyond taking their lives, but we, for reasons uknown, feel the

need to play the exterminator. The persons who commit capital crimes aren't animals to

be exterminated. They are individual. They should have the same breath that everybody else takes.

If a person commits a heinous crime then see your face is actually not normal. See your face

is obviously in need of mental support and, we ought to help these criminals rather than hurting

them (

Criminals have families and close friends who value them.


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