An Argument and only English Becoming the Unifying Vocabulary of South Africa

An Argument and only English Staying the Unifying Dialect of South Africa

South Africa is diverse in culture but could possibly be unified in dialect. English should become South Africa’s unifying terminology. It's important to understand what nationhood is, in order that you the reader realise a national language will not alter a country. It binds the country. I will also discuss South Africa’s various cultures and what sort of unifying language can merge these cultures. Lastly, I'll demonstrate the links between language and identification.

The idea of a nation isn't easily defined.

”Nationalism is a deeply contradictory enterprise.”

(P Brooker, 1999,148).

Our nation is one that is formed over a long time and languages have already been brought to us through imperialism, immigrants and time. We must accept that, ”for many nations of the globe to flee the profound experience of imperialism will be in fact to flee their own actual history” (P Brooker, 1999,148). We can not deny that there surely is an assortment of dialect, which abound this country. However, we must choose one unifying dialect, which we are able to all use. That is essential for purposes of conversation and mediation, that i will discuss later. This national vocabulary will be the only official language and English will be the unifying language.

Identity is an ever-changing strategy. South Africans sexuality, course, gender, race and also language determine our identification.

”Contemporary identities can consequently be liquid or consciously delimited. Any number of factors will tend to be under negotiation in any case; whether of religion, country, language,


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