An Examination of Victory of Harry Potter on Uk Colleges

An Examination of Achievements of Harry Potter on Uk Colleges

Harry Potter Goes to University: Bridging Fantasy and Reality

Current college students have become up throughout a time packed with cultural phenomenons, in fact, a few of the greatest in history. Several successes have occurred through the late 1990s or 2000s, including series of books such as for example Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. Each of these have grown to be major franchises and almost all of today's college students are aware of at least one, if not absolutely all, of them. However, Harry Potter stands out among the others; the novels' and franchise's (which includes movies and products) success is unparalleled both financially and in its re-ignition of a like for reading. However, since the let go of the epically favorite novels, professors across the country and the world own embraced the adolescent wizard simply because much as their learners have. Due to increased interest and the many connections to the non-fiction, non-magical real life, Harry Potter is now a prominent literary body in today's liberal arts schools. Professors in the world's top universities - including Oxford and Yale - took notice of Potter's success and developed their own courses made to pique students' interest within their own areas by forging connections between Potter's world and our very own. Many of these connections are created through author J.K. Rowling's talk about and give attention to serious issues both history and present. Rowling tackles various topics in the series, including history, theology, politics, individual rights, identity, (dis)potential, class, amongst others. But while some have got welcomed Harry and his friends with open hands into their


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  • An Examination of Victory of Harry Potter on Uk Colleges
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