An Introduction to the countless Means of Fire Prevention

An Introduction to the countless Means of Fire Prevention


Specific Purpose: To inform my viewers that fire prevention is easy, and not time


Central Idea: Fire destroys various homes and live, but if one requires a few easy steps,

prevention and survival of a fire can be achieved.


I. Perhaps you have ever been woke up by a fire vehicle screaming down your road?

A. Fire can be an untrustworthy ally

B. I'm here to inform you of what fire did recently to eliminate homes and lives

and show you a few simple steps that may stop a fire from going on to



I. The U.S. has one of the highs fire loss of life prices in the industrialized universe.

A. In 1997, permanently million in population, 15.2 persons died in fires

B. Between 1993 and 1997

1. 4,500 Americans dropped their lives and yet another 26,500 were harmed as a


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