An Research of the Novella Of Mice and Guys by John Steinbeck

An Examination of the Novella Of Mice and Guys by John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was among Americas best authors when it found writing about people migrating and searching for the American wish during the depression. John Steinbeck was bor in Salinas, California. This place where he was created would later become a few of the settings in his tales like "Of Mice and Men". During his young years he attended a local High School, then studied literature at Stanford University. He received out of college or university in 1925, after six years rather than getting a level. After he disenrolled he shifted to NEW YORK and worked as a laborer and a journalist for quite some time. He later completed his first novel The Glass of Gold in 1929. Immediately after that novel he married and came back to California where he continuing his publishing carrer. He published two even more novels which obtained him cash and fame. Then started authoring the working class persons in the us, which he had been for some time. One of those tales was Of Mice and Males. A story of damaged dreams and the lonliness of labores throughout that time.

Of Mice and Guys was a great story. It really is about two migrant personnel who are travelling around the country seeking to generate income and get some good land. The two main characters will be George and Lennie. The story begins with them coming to a ranch where they will be to work. Lennie is normally a mentaly handicapped one who george looks after. They need to stay in a barn where all of the personnel stay. There they match a number of the other workers like Candy, a vintage and lonely employee who comes with an old and whithered dog as


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  • An Research of the Novella Of Mice and Guys by John Steinbeck
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